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Fund Raising

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To Our Children Section


In order to carry out its mandate of bringing concrete and material help to burned children,   the Foundation carries out various venues of  fund raising events.  Many of these events are conducted in retail businesses listed in our "Thank You" Gallery.

The Foundation is fortunate in that it also often receives the help of local Firefighters in the pursuit of these events. Local Fire Department representatives lend a tremendous hand and assist in getting our education and prevention messages out to the public. Children are especially impressed by such professional presence (Even more so when there is a Mascot or piece of equipment) and the Foundation is most grateful for this cooperation.)

Paris Fair, Paris, ON.

Gilles Mercier, Director with the reigning Queen elect of the Paris Fair. 

Loblaws, Aylmer, QC.

François Sourdif, deceased, director of TOMA giving a gratitude plaque to Mr. Benoit Henderickx, store manager of Loblaws, Aylmer, QC. Benoit has been a faithful supporter of TOMA since its inception and, as of 2010, was the owner of the Orleans ON 'No Frils'

Kelsey's Restaurant, 301 Hays Blvd., Oakville, ON

Gilles Mercier, Director receiving a cheque for $ 2080 from Jason Rolleman and Chris Tymstra, Owners Operators of Kelsey's, The cheque represents the proceeds of the "Tip a Firefighter" event held at the restaurant on July 24th 2003. The venue was organised by Ryan Szacas with members of the Oakville Professional Firefighters Association who donated an additional $ 311.18 from proceeds of draws and contests held during the day. Pictures of the event, courtesy Oakland Today can be viewed here


F.F.A.O., Tottenham, ON.

Commemorative ceremony at the Firefighters Association of Ontario Convention held in Tottenham on August 3rd 2003.



Fire Prevention week 2002 saw TOMA present at the Cambridge, ON Wal-Mart with Customers, Associates and Management deeply involved in the five day event. Manager James Colletti was "jailed" for the day and donations to "Keep Management jailed" were accepted to further TOMA's burn and fire prevention activities.

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Brockville, Ontario

This event, which was held at the King Street Loeb in Brockville, from July 26th to July 30th 2000, was done jointly with the  Brockville FireFighters and "Sparky" and involved talking to kids and parents about burn and fire safety.  Special thanks to John Smiley, Manager of Loeb and to Deputy Chief Peter Mulvihill and Fire Prevention Director Art Pullan of the Brockville Fire Department for their valuable cooperation.


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Wal-Mart, Woodstock, ON.

Wal-Mart Corporate and its store managers are deeply committed leaders in community involvement.   Gerry Crowe, manager of Wal-Mart, Woodstock hands  Gilles Mercier of TOMA a cheque for $ 3,837.88 representing, customers, in store and Corporate contributions matching TOMA's own fund raising efforts during the Foundation's visit at his store in April 2000.

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F.F.A.O. Covention 2000, Seaforth, ON.

In addition to corporate and community events, TOMA is also often invited to attend much coveted professional conventions. Our attendance at the FireFighters Association of Ontario Convention in in Seaforth, from July 3rd to July 7th 2000, was a tremendous success and allowed TOMA to make many new friends among this elite group of fire fighting professionals. Special thanks to Rick Shannon, coordinator of the event.

Events held in Québec (click photo to enlarge)

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