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team.jpg (22523 bytes)This site attempts to be an interactive place where bc.gif (704 bytes) have a "ONE STOP" platform to articles, organizations, news about burns and burn victims, computer downloads, games and access to a staff of professionals and volunteers that can be reached by a single email message. It also aims at educating adults about Burned Children, burns in general and how to prevent accidents that can injure or kill a child.

More than 2 million people living in the U.S. and Canada are treated for burns every year. Thousands die as the result of their injuries. Burn injury, whether accidental or inflicted, remains one of the leading causes of childhood death and disfigurement in the United States and Canada. Although an estimated 75 percent of burn injuries and deaths are believed to be preventable, an estimated one million children are injured and 3,000 children die each year as a result of burn trauma. For those who survive, permanent scarring, physical deformity, social isolation and emotional trauma linger well beyond the initial tragedy.

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